A few weeks back, Aer Lingus ran an extensive ad campaign, saying that you could now book to over 40 destinations in the US direct from their website. This was to advertise their booking hook-up with Jet Blue and others.They even produced a map showing us where we could fly to :


As you can see, Philadelphia is one of the destinations,(apologies for the crude croyon type circling). The point is that,  its not, Philadelphia  never was bookable. Obviously a boo boo by someone.When Aer lingus was contacted about this, they never got back…… but the Ad/map is no longer to be seen…..come on Aer Lingus, fess up, ye made a bit of a bags of it! it’s alright dan forgives you.

Dan was reviewing his blog stats this morning when he discovered a clicker onner in Cameroon, west africa. Memories of the 1990 World cup came flooding back  to Dan, and the wonderful Roger Milla, who at that time was gettin on in years and still playing great football for his country. Inspiration for Dan. He went back training at the age of…..well… he wasn’t getting any younger.

So dan presents a tribute to the wonderful people of Cameroon, and Roger himself, god bless him.

First, a few facts, This is the flag:


and this is the song about milla, and some footage !

Dan found this full cctv footage of a bull who decided he didn’t want to live any longer and offered himself up to the meat counter in a local supermarket

only in the irish Times would you get wit like this,  Dan was washing the windows (of his cousin’s cessna) and his was givin it a shine with today’s copy of the Times (he found it up by the college) and he read this very witty quip




There’s a lot of talk lately, particularly in Ireland , about  attempts to crack down on internet piracy, OOH ARR, even the phrase itself is loaded with buckshot.  this is also a struggle for ownership of intellectual property, which ironically only really has value as demand increases for it.The difficulty is providing an incentive for creative artists, but surely that should not be simply monetary,(the capitalist view).Connecting with people is the real incentive and that happens more easily when the internet is open. True creatives have nothing to worry about, they will be provided for, the only ones to lose out are the middlemen, commission taking capitalist intermediaries.

A facebook group on the issue has been started here:


Dan wrote off to his cousin, the very excellent Steely Dan ( who did his apprenticeship in Irish Steel at  Haulbowline) because he heard that they were playing a few gigs over this side for the summer. Dan would really like them to come to Cork and the fells with the big top might have a few dates free down the showgrounds. Dan needs support. If you don’t know what Steely dan sound like playing their music , here they are :

Dan has also started a campaign on proc

the Peoples Republic of Cork, you can get to the forum directly here:


Dan was wandering the streets of Cork early today, Friday when he came upon a scene which chilled him to his very bone. these lads never evr leave their wagons when they are on patrol, looking for the latest fag butt , curly wurly wrapper, or pile of chocalte sauce shite left by another junkie who gets the runs after jackin up. what’s become of this city of ours? Was this a case of a cutback too far, the sweeper taken out for a spin to the black ash and left there to be pecked by the pigeons? or even more sinister, an alien abduction……. we’ll never know, luckily dan had his canon with him , and a camera to take this picture.img_0650